In 2001, OSA was among the first Italian organisations to obtain Quality Certification according to the ISO 9001 standard of 1994, then renewing it over time to date. The legislation identifies a series of guidelines useful for the implementation of a Quality Management System aimed at defining business processes, continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery, and constantly paying attention to the needs expressed by customers. All business processes are initially analysed and subsequently translated into protocols that allow the standardisation of activities, as well as their understanding and traceability at each step. An approach that allows the upstream definition of the best ways of carrying out the work. ISO member bodies shall periodically, through a committee of experts, review the standards to ensure their updating and applicability in changing organisational contexts. The adaptation of the standard ensures stakeholders services with high levels of quality that are constant over time. Quality certification is therefore not only a technical issue, but includes organisational and management aspects that involve the entire Cooperative.

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