“How nice it would be if an effective network of assistance and solidarity could be created starting from Rome, between cooperatives, parishes and hospitals.”

Pope Francis

OSA is the leader of the Nontiscordardimécommunity medicine project that, using two mobile clinics and social and health teams, offers assistance, listening, support and care to children and elderly people in the Roman suburbs, reached through a vast and participatory network of parishes belonging to the initiative, Caritas and territorial associations.


A story to tell


Nicolino’s dream gave birth to the fairy tale“The Guys of Panormus”, which has become today a beautiful reality to tell and live.

For the second consecutive year, the Cooperative supports the activity of the basketball team in wheelchair ‘ ‘OSA I Ragazzi di Panormus’, a Palermo club playing in the FIPIC Serie B championship and in the youth championship reserved for the Under 16 category.

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