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From the “Abitare la cura” project to the nursing service in Medical Care in Via Murat in Milan: OSA alongside one of the companies of excellence in Italian healthcare

In Lombardy, the Cooperativa OSA has long initiated a significant collaboration with the Humanitas Group, one of the companies of excellence in the Italian healthcare scene. The partnership was launched on the occasion of the “Abitare la cura” project that led to the birth of the first Covid Hotels in Italy, in particular in Grassobbio, in Bergamo, in the midst of the pandemic. Here, professionals, together with Humanitas Gavazzeni and supervised by Ats Bergamo, have ensured a protected quarantine and qualified social and health care for patients who are not negative yet.

The relationship between the Lombard division of the Cooperative and the Humanitas Group was then consolidated and further developed with a common care project within the Medical Care in Via Murat in Milan. In the Poliambulatorio, which offers specialist services, laboratory analysis and diagnostic tests, OSA ensures all nursing services, making some of its professionals available to the facility to support the work of doctors.

In the Humanitas Gavazzeni hospital centre, OSA has also launched an experimental initiative related to telemedicine that allows the monitoring of patients assisted at home with the use of state-of-the-art technological devices.

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