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THE CAP NETWORK: closer to the patients.

Founded as a pilot project in Lazio, it proposes an innovative primary care service model, enhancing the so-called “service pharmacy” as a visible point of the system.

Proposing itself as a new service model and as a reference point for those citizens who need social and health services quickly and at affordable costs, this is the objective of the Consorzio Assistenza Primaria (Primary Care Consortium), better known as CAP.

The strength of CAP is in the network, understood as a connection of different services, capable of embracing varied needs. The principle on which this innovative project is based on is to provide comprehensive, integrated and efficient care through the pharmacy, which thus becomes a “service pharmacy”.

By accessing primary care directly from participating pharmacies, CAP guarantees a continuity of care between the hospital and the territory and total care of the patient.

CAP Lazio is composed of Sinfarma Sanità, CEF, the Cooperative of Pharmacists, Confcooperative Lazio and the Cooperative OSA and has recorded the involvement of numerous pharmacies in the city of Rome and in the province over time.

The project is expected to be replicated in all regions, so that the National Network established on 17 November 2014 by the consortium companies active in Sicily, Lazio, Calabria, Campania, Apulia and Abruzzo can become the reference point for an increasing number of users.

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